Tom Sawyer

Injun Joe is the main antagonist in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. After the villagers found out that he was the one who actually murdered Dr. Robinson he fled and hid out in the caves. He came back every once in a while dressed as a deaf and dumb Spaniard.  When Tom and Huck are searching for buried treasure in the "haunted" house Injun Joe and his new partner show up. This is when they discover that the Spaniard is really Injun Joe.  After Tom and Becky are rescued from the caves, Tom tells the town that injun Joe was in there as well.  This wouldn't be a problem except judge Thatcher closed and barred the giant doors across the entrance so that no-one else could get lost in it.  When they open the door they find Injun Joe dead of starvation.  Tom and Huck find Injun Joe's treasure and hideout, both becoming rich beyond their wildest dreams.