Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer is the main protagonist in the story The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. He is a normal 10-12 year old boy who likes adventure, mystery, and sometimes experiences that cause him to  fear for his life. Tom's best friends are Huck Finn and Joe Harper. He is engaged to Becky Harper, and is a mortal enemy of Injun Joe.

Tom has two sides, a kind, loving, and generous side, and  a mean, unruly, and a rude side.

He often harasses Aunt Polly, but eventually feels bad and tries to compensate, but often creates more trouble. Tom is very selective about his friends, as seen with Alfred Temple, whom he dislikes when they first meet.

Tom fears for his life when he and Huck witness a murder.  They make an oath never to reveal what had happened.

Later Tom leaves home to become a pirate.  Eventually he sneaks back to Aunt Polly's House to leave a message.  While there he  hears about a funeral that is going to be held and he decides to make a little surprise at the funeral. So Tom, wanting to cause trouble and mischief decides to--along with Joe and Huck--surprise at the funeral.

Relationships with Others