Tom Sawyer

Tom, after visiting Huckleberry Finn goes to school and tells the schoolmaster that he met with Huck Finn. He does this so that he can sit next to Becky which was the only available seat, instead of his own. 
After a beating he sits next to Becky, where Tom reveals that he can draw, and Becky wants to learn from him. Later, he writes something and Becky pulls Tom's hand away so that she can see it. It said "I love you," and Becky says "Oh, you bad thing!" but she was actually pleased. 
Afterwards, Tom tells Becky to meet him after school. There, Tom tells Becky about engagement, and tells her to whisper what he had written on the slate. After some effort, she tells him this, and Tom gives Becky a kiss. 
Later, Tom accidentally discloses that he was previously engaged to Amy, but Becky thinks he still likes her, and gets mad.