Tom Sawyer

When the prominent Judge Thatcher comes for an inspection, the Sunday school class goes crazy with excitement.  Everyone starts "showing off".  The teachers show off by patting their students on the head and having them recite verses. The kids show off by fooling around, shoving, doing flips, and climbing on each other. Judge Thatcher shows off by just standing there and letting the others absorb his wonder.

The master wanted only to show off by being a able to give a Bible to a student who memorized two thousand verses.  When Tom comes up with 9 yellow tickets (200 verses), 9 red tickets (20), and 10 blue tickets (2), everyone is completely, utterly, suprised, though pleased. Unfortunately, when asked who the first two diciples were, Tom answers "David and Goliah", and embarrases himself in front of the whole town and reveals that he did not actually memorize verses.