Tom Sawyer

Pinchbug Incident

In the Church, when Tom is listening to a sermon, he gets extremely bored. First he tries to catch a fly, but gets a glare from Aunt Polly that immediately stops him.

In desperate need for anything to entertain him, he takes out a pinch-bug he caught. He starts to poke and prod at it and it bites him and he flings it into the aisle, where it lands on its back, unable to move.  A poodle, also starved of excitement, catches it between his paws and begins to inspect it. The pinchbug bites him on the chin and the dog flings it again. It lands, once again on it's back.

 Wanting revenge, however, the dog goes back and tries to attack it from every angle possible. He then gets tired and just lays down on the pinchbug. Then the dog, lets out a cry, after being bitten again. This time the pinchbug is able to hold on though. After running several laps around the church, the dog runs and jumps onto his owner's lap while barking. Then the owner tosses him out of the window and the barking fades away.