Tom Sawyer

A graveyard, for a young boy, is a place of mystery, adventure, but most of all, a place to be feared. Mark Twain clearly shows the graveyard from the view of a superstitious young boy creeping through it at midnight. The small noises that they hear sound like monsters, or Death itself, scaring them half to death.  This impression is only increased when Tom and Huck see Dr. Robinson murdered by Injun Joe.While trying out a wart-removing technique, involving a dead cat, they see several shapes approaching. At first they think it is the Devil himself, with his followers, so they take cover behind a patch of elms. When the group gets closer, Tom and Huck can tell that they are just humans. From the voices they recognize Muff Potter, Injun Joe, and Dr. Robinson. Muff and Joe dig out a recently deceased body for Dr. Robinson, but once its out demand a larger payment to take it to the Doctors home. When the shoves Joe over, he gets into a fistfight with Muff. At the same time, he knocks out Muff and is stabbed by Injun Joe. When Muff comes to, Joe tells him that he (Muff) did it.  Tom and Huck witness the whole episode, paralyzed with terror. Once Joe and Muff leave they dash home. The graveyard becomes a place of terror, death, and foreboding.